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Welcome to the Berkshire Woodturners Association

The aims of the Association are simply to promote an interest in, and the further develop, the art of woodturning and associated disciplines in the Berkshire area. We do this by holding monthly meetings and organising regular turning workshops

Come and join us

It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced turner looking for a new club or an absolute beginner trying to understand how it all works. Come along to our next club night (the details of which are shown in a panel below) or contact our secretary David Blundell (details shown at the foot of the page)


competion judging

At Berkshire Woodturners we invite professional woodturners to our club nights to show us the techniques, tools and processes they use to turn their work in the hope that some of their expertise will appeal to our members.


competion judging

As well as the monthly demonstrations providing inspiration to our members, we encourage all our members of whatever turning standard to develop their turning skills through a regular monthly competition and bi-monthly turning workshops.


competion judging

Berkshire Woodturners are very active in the local community delivering demonstrations at Craft Fairs and similar local events, We also hold free Taster Sessions so local non-turners can give woodturning a try without having to go to the expense of buying all of the necessary equipment.

Coming Up Soon

21 June BWA Auction Night

This is your chance to increase your stocks of wood blanks for turning your next competition winning entry. Over the year various teams of BWA members would have been out and about collecting timber from the local area. The timber collected varies considerably, Cherry, Oak and Sycamore are quite prevalent, but we also get Walnut, Beech, Lime, etc, etc. The timber is generally 'green' and will have been processed into rough slabs for turning. The timber is considerably cheaper than you will find through any other means (unless you collect it yourself).

Also at the auction you will find various tools and machinery. These are generally second-hand items which have been upgraded by the present owner. Again much cheaper than can be found elsewhere and a small percentage of the ‘cost’ will be donated to the BWA funds. If you have any tools or machinery that you would like to sell at the auction bring it along on the night. Please have a reserve price in mind.

The theme for the BWA July Competition will be "A Toy"

2016 Auction Night

2 July BWA Club Workshop

The next BWA Workshop will take place on 2 July, once again kindly hosted by Rob legge in his Eversley Workshop. The exact programme is yet to be decided but is likely to include the processing and turning of 'green' wood. Let Keith Hufton know if you are interested in attending either as a participant or as a mentor.

BWA Workshop

19 July BWA Club Night

Our demonstrator in July will be Ed Oliver from Oliver's Tools. As well as being an exceptional woodturning artist, Ed also runs a company that supplies woodturning tools, finishes and wood turning blanks.

The theme for the BWA July Competition will be "Stacked Boxes (a minimum of two)"

Ed Oliver - July's Demonstrator

Last Months Activities

May 17 Club Night

A great demonstration was provided by Mark Hancock. The banter was interesting- Mark has been turning a long time and clearly holds very traditional views and is fairly scathing about the recent advent of ‘specialist’ tools. He was also very forthright in his critique of the competition entries but the comments made were to show how the item could be improved and to identify the key areas both in turning technique, finishing and design.

Mark turned an extreme goblet with a very thin stem. Remarkably Mark did not support the goblet’s bowl while turning the stem. He also used his Roughing Gouge to turn the ultra-thin stem by using it as if it were a Skew Chisel. He then proceeded to make it much more ‘interesting’ by turning a captive ring and bending the stem. The captive ring was turned using a home-made tool formed by a bent nail mounted in a handle. The stem was bent by, first, scraping it to a ‘flat’ using a cabinet scraper, and then, bending it using a Luthiers bending iron.

Mark Hancock and the Goblet he turned

June 4/5 BWA Wood Collection

A small team of BWA volunteers lead by Jack Johnson, who arranged the effort, attended a building site in the centre of Aldershot Military Town to cut up some felled trees. There were far more trees than the small team could manage but a significant amount of timber was harvested.

Then on the following day Rob Legge and keith Mosley finished processing the timber and sealed the end grain. The timber collected was a mixture of Lime, Silver Birch and Sycamore (we think or it might be beech). This is obviously very 'green' wood and is currently in billets which wil need further processing to turn them into 'blanks' suitable for turning. It is proposed that we cover timber processing at the BWA July Workshop.

Jack Johnson's timber

Competition Standings

Situation following the May Club Meeting

Rob Legge produced two stand-out pieces to make a significant move up the standings by winning both categories in the beginners section. Other winners who impressed Mark Hancock, who judged the May Competition, were Colin Burge and Chris Cox in the Advanced Section and Peter Osborn in the Masters.

Note: Only those who have scored points are listed.


Totals Turner Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Th Th+Op First Surname Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op
22 59 Steven Evans 10 9 10 7 9 6 8
25 42 Jack Johnson 9 9 8 8 8
20 30 Rob Legge 10 10 10
9 27 Matt Petch 8 10 9
0 24 Lee Forester 10 8 6
9 23 Leigh Pawson 9 7 7
10 19 Chris Hamblin 10 9
16 16 Peter Brooks 10 6
16 16 Mike Dyer 9 7
0 10 Keith Mosley 10
8 8 John Underwood 8


Totals Turner Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Th Th+Op First Surname Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op
38 76 Chris Cox 9 8 9 10 10 10 10 10
27 60 Viv Mitchell 10 7 8 7 9 10 9
28 50 Colin Burge 10 7 8 7 8 10
15 33 Keith Hufton 8 10 7 8
0 18 David Brownhill 9 9
7 13 Sid Dodd 7 6
9 9 Dave Blundell 9
0 9 Peter Rickards 9
0 0 John Chance
0 0 Mike Freeman
0 0 Clare Keane
0 0 Brian Mills
0 0 Les Pither
0 0 Peter Turner


Totals Turner Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Th Th+Op First Surname Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op Th Op
49 93 Peter Osborn 10 8 9 9 10 8 10 9 10 10
25 55 Harvey Grimwood 8 10 8 10 9 10
25 49 Tony Taylor 7 9 10 8 8 7
24 33 Charlie Hayes 6 9 9 9
26 36 Terry Stephens 9 10 9 8
9 25 Jason Taylor 7 9 9
0 0 Jim Coombs
0 0 Richard Maynard