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The Berkshire Woodturners Association is based in Bracknell and draws woodturners

from East Berkshire and South Hertfordshire

Welcome To Berkshire Woodturners

competion judging Berkshire Woodturners is a small, friendly club, currently with approximately 60 members of all standards of turning ability. Whatever your skills as a woodturner, we would love for you to come along and join us at one of our club nights.

The aims of the Association are simply to promote an interest in, and the development of, the art of woodturning and associated disciplines. We do this by holding monthly meetings and organising regular turning workshops

Come And Join Us

It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced turner looking for a new club or an absolute beginner trying to understand how it all works. Come along to our next club night (the details of which are shown in the panel to the right) or contact our secretary Richard Maynard (details shown on the top banner)

Monthly Meetings

Xmas 2016 club memberThe monthly meetings take place on the third Wednesday of each month at the Priestwood Community Centre starting at 7 o'clock. See the Location Map Generally we will have either a professional turners or an experienced club turner doing a wood turning demonstration.

We have been lucky enough to get some of the top turners in the country along to our club evenings to demonstrate how they go about woodturning.

On club evenings there will be two competitions, one for items turned based on a theme set by the BWA Committee, the second, an 'open' competition for any item turned by the member which has not previously been entered in a BWA competition. Judging is done based on three skill categories: Beginner, Advanced and Masters.

Turning Workshops

Chris Cox Mentoring12We will organise turning workshops approximately every two months. The aim is to bring together the club's less experienced turners with the more experienced turners who can give guidance on aspects of turning, choice of tools, tool sharpening, sanding, finishing and similar skills. This is done through the turning of a small project. The projects are often aligned to the next month's competition theme.

21 June BWA Club Night - Auction

BWA AuctionOur June Club Night was the BWA Auction Night where we sold wood blanks,various tools and bits of equipment. See the picture to the left to see BWA members salivating over the wood blanks. As ever, Richard Maynard did a stunning job making us part with our hard-earned cash..

Richard managed to sell almost everything. Anything which did not bring a realistic price was saved to go onto Ebay. There are still a good number of the larger turning blanks to be sold. This will be done at a separate auction to happen at a later date.

The competition theme for the June Club Night was "a toy". There were a couple of stunning entries - go have a look in the gallery.

2017 Hurst Show

BWA Hurst ShowThe Hurst Show is a very traditional 'Village Fete' type event. BWA went along with a lathe and some examples of items turned by BWA Members to promote woodturning as a hobby and to try and attract some new members for BWA. Particularly well received were the spinning tops we gave away hand-decorated to the customers specifications.

We had a great time at the Hurst Show this year – the weather was warm but not too hot, and the showers that got ushastily moving the table back were few and far between. There appeared to be a lot of interest and we manage dto give out a large number of the promotional leaflets

Thanks and kudos to Terry Stephens and Peter Brooks, who were there for the whole of both days – what stamina! Thanks also to Viv Mitchell,Tony Taylor, Colin Burge and JasonTaylor for giving their time and expertise.

July BWA Workshop

BWA July WorkshopThe practical workshop run at Rob Legge’s place on Saturday July 1st was a varied and interesting day, once again characterised by fabulous weather. The day began with a session on how to use a chainsaw to processing fresh-cut timber; how to cut it, how to dry it, how to store it, sealing the end grain, etc, etc.

This was followed by some bowl turning, including turning some wet wood, plus some challenges set by a couple of pieces brought along by Chris Hamblin.

Turning the wet wood illustrated the need to allow for the timber to move - what was round when it came off the lathe very became oval!!

As usual those attending were indebted to the mentors for giving of their time and to Brian for the constant supply of tea and coffee and general 'bonne ami '

As always a big thank you goes to Rob Legge for allowing us to use his superb workshop.

BWA News

20th September 2017

The September club night demonstration will feature Richard Findley. Richard has been a Registered Professional turner since 2010 and writes regularlary for Woodturning magazine with more than 75 articles to his name.

Richard runs The Turner's Workshop from his workshop in Wigston, Leicestershire, specialising in hand turning of everything on his 1950's Wadkin RS8 lathe (see picture to the right) . You can from the picture Richard certainly knows how to 'make shavings'.

The competition theme for the September Club Night will be "a bowl with a round bottom (weeble)" .

Richard Findley

Saturday 23th September 2017

BWA will hold the next BWA Workshop on Saturday 23 September at Rob Legge's workshop in Eversley. The theme of the workshop will be colouring and texturing. In order to focus on the colouring it is hoped that those attending will have turned a wide brimmed bowl in preparation. We will also have a few spare turned bowls for those forget their own. A note will be sent to members via the Secretary with a rough specification, some details of what we will be covering and direction to Rob's workshop.

Recent Events

16th August BWA Club Night

This was definitely one of the "Don't Try This At Home" demos

The demonstration was given by BWA club member, Jason Taylor. In the first half of the evening Jason demonstrated the use of 'high-voltage pyrography' to create Lichtenberg Fractal burned patterns on some timber. The first piece was a large flat board. Jason followed this by burning a wet, rough turned bowl. After clearly explaining the dangers of using these techniques and the extreme care needed when doing this form of decorating timber, Jason took us through the process and created some stunning patterns. The second half of his demo demonstrated how to create some flower heads using green Hawthorn and the pointed end of a skew chisel. Despite the wood being a little too dry Jason created some realistic flowers.

19th July BWA Club Night - Ed Oliver

Oh what a night! Though Ed has worked with wood for sometime it was only in 2013 that he really took up wood turning. Not only has Ed honed his skills in that time, he has also set up his own business selling his work and woodturning supplies. Ed was one of the busineses at the recent UK and Ireland Woodturning Seminar (UKIWS) in Coventry. Ed is one of the new breed of woodturners, not afraid to try things out and not concerned about whether colouring wood is the 'right' thing to do.

Ed Oliver

On the night, Ed turned a thin platter in Sycamore which he textured with a Robert Sorby texturing tool and then coloured using 'Golden' Artist Colours. The result was stunning. Ed's patter was continuous and entertaining. Of particular note was his attention to the safety aspects (wearing PPE and turning off the lathe when moving the tool rest, etc) and also his explanation of evrything he did and why he did it that way.

The competition theme for the June Club Night was "Stacking Boxes (minimm of two)". Peter Osborn created a stunning off-centre conical box with individual boxes that rotated out on a central spindle.