Berkshire Woodturners Association is run on behalf of the members by a small but enhusiastic committee.

The key roles of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are backed up by number of other committee members, some who undertake specific roles and others who provide general guidance.

About Berkshire Woodturners

Berkshire Woodturners Monthly Meetings

Berkshire Woodturners meet at the New Priestwood Community Centre, Priestwood Court Road, Bracknell, RG42 1TU starting at 7 o'clock See the Location Map

At most meetings we try to enlist the expertise of a nationally known woodturner and we have been privileged with visits from most of the top turners in the country and some from overseas as well. You will find details of this year's demonstrators on the Events page. To enable all members to get maximum benefit from the demonstrator's expertise proceedings are shown in close-up on two large screen TVs.

Each month from January to November, the club night includes the monthly competition, culminating in the Turner of the Year award. In addition there is a raffle and free tea and biscuits. In addition to the demonstration, other activities on club nights may include an auction of tools, wood, books and other related articles; the AGM; a Christmas Party; and a "hands-on" evening.

Sample photo

John Plater showing one of his more complex items.

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The sun always shines for the BWA Workshop Days

Berkshire Woodturners Workshops

Periodically, "hands-on" events may be held at the weekend. The aim is to bring together those with less experience with more experienced turners to give guidence on aspects of turning, choice of tools, tool sharpening, sanding, finishing and similar skills.


The Association welcomes new members of all abilities and from all backgrounds. If you are interested in turning, feel free to come to a meeting on the third Wednesday of any month or contact us. We understand the natural reticence of many people when joining a new group and not liking to approach a stranger and ask their name. To overcome this members are issued with a membership card showing their Christian name. To encourage members to wear these in a prominent position, each month there is a "draw" and if the selected member has their badge displayed, they receive a small token of appreciation.

Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is £20.00. In addition there is an attendance fee of £4 per session. These fees cover the cost of hall hire, demonstrator fees and other incidental expenses.

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There is always plenty of banter at the competition judging

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The Club collects timber locally and processes it for use by BWA Members

Management of the Association

The Berkshire Woodturners Association is managed by a committee elected by the membership at the AGM. The committee members are elected for a two year term and can stand for re-election when that term expires. The committee, which meets regularly, manages the affairs of the Association in accordance with a written constitution. However, members are welcome to approach any committee member at the monthly meeting with any suggestions, questions or comments. The committee members today are as follows:

Chairman and President: Brian Attewell
Secretary Shirley Hays
Treasurer Viv Mitchell
Event Secretary Roger Phebey
Photography Colin Burge
Committee Member Chris Cox
Committee Member Matt Petch
Committee Member Malcolm Cleaver