The main events organised by BWA will be the regular monthly club evenings at Priestwood Community Centre. These will occur on the third Wednesday of each month.

BWA will also organise hands-on workshops roughly every two months.

BWA Club Night Schedule

Date Demonstrator Competition Theme
20 January 2021 Sue Harker - Segmented Turning A Square or Multi-sided Platter, it may be stained with a SINGLE colour if that enhances it
17 February 2021 TBD A musical instrument e.g. a whistle, a flute or a string instrument
17 March 2021 TBD Turn a bowl, platter or vase where the major material must be e.g. HDPE, resin, soap stone, Aluminium, Pewter or Brass. You may incorporate some wood, preferably no more than 25%
21 April 2021 TBD Hollow Form with an inlet as narrow as possible
19 May 2021 TBD A flying form e.g. a bird, an aeroplane or a bat, use your imagination? Gluing items to the turning is acceptable, as is carving
16 June 2021 TBD A child’s toy
21 July 2021 TBD A candle holder or electric lamp creation, looking for a design outside the box
18 August 2021 TBD An instrument associated with writing e.g. a pen, a magnifying glass or letter opener
15 September 2021 TBD A time piece – watch or clock
20 October 2021 TBD Something associated with the sea, i.e. a fish, a sea creature, a ship, a lighthouse etc.
17 November 2021 TBD Something associated with Christmas, e.g. a tree decoration, Santa etc.
15 December 2021 Christmas Social Evening Keith Sherwood Competition

Notes: For the duration of the Covid 19 crisis, BWA will review future meetings in advance of them happening.

BWA External Event Schedule

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